How can I trust this?

Obscurix tries to be as transparent as possible. This is why the source code is available for you to audit and the documentation explains everything well.

The iso on the website can be verified to be the same as if you had built it from source code yourself. You can do this by building the iso from source, downloading the iso from the website and checking the hashes to see if they match.

The Tor Browser archive that is included in Obscurix has been manually verified with GPG and checksums. You can also verify it with GPG yourself and will see that it is signed by the Tor Project.

How is this different from Tails?

Tails is similar to Obscurix but the major differences between them are that Obscurix supports multiple networks unlike Tails, is based on Arch rather than Debian so you get the newest updates for software and has many more security features than Tails such as a hardened kernel, sandboxing. hardened memory allocator etc.

Obscurix also does not modify the Tor Browser (unlike Tails) so your browser fingerprint will stay the same as all other Tor Browser users.

How is this different from Whonix?

Whonix is another anonymity focused operating system. It is meant to be run inside virtual machines instead of from a USB like Obscurix. Whonix has a more leak-proof method of forcing all traffic through Tor but it isn't amnesiac or forensics resistant like Obscurix.

What's the point?

The point of Obscurix is to have a secure, easy to use operating system that is resistant to multiple forms of tracking and surveillance.

Government agencies are monitoring everything you do online as shown in the Snowden leaks. This is why it is vital to have secure systems where we can communicate securely and privately.

I want X feature included or X software installed by default.

If you want to create a feature request then submit an issue or contact me. If I agree that it should be added, it likely will. As Obscurix is a security focused OS, it may not be possible to get all your favourite software included by default as it may worsen security.

Alternatively, you can install it yourself. See Usage.

Does Obscurix include any proprietary software?

The only proprietary software Obscurix includes are microcode updates (the amd-ucode and intel-ucode packages). Obscurix only includes these because these are necessary for protection against bugs such as Meltdown and Spectre.

Installing microcode updates has no effect on the amount of proprietary software you run. Most CPUs run a proprietary microcode anyway. Not installing microcode updates just makes the microcode you run insecure.

Why is the time in Obscurix wrong?

The timezone in Obscurix is set to UTC to prevent you from being identified by your timezone. This means the clock may be wrong for some people. It is recommended to not change it as it could be used to single you out from other Obscurix users.

Can I use a VPN in Obscurix?

No. See the relevant documentation.

What does "Obscurix" mean?

"Obscurix" is a fusion of "Obscure" and "*nix".

Are these questions frequently asked?

Probably not.