Potential Identifiers

Obscurix does its best to reduce the amount of potential identifiers to a minimum.

The hostname is set to "host". This is a very generic hostname and is also used by Whonix.

The default username is "user". This is very generic and leaks no information about the user. This is also used by Whonix.

The machine-id is set to the same ID that Whonix uses.

Obscurix spoofs MAC addresses at boot. More information can be found here.

The timezone is set to UTC so you can't be indentified by your timezone.

It is possible to be de-anonymized by your keystrokes. Users can be uniquely fingerprinted by their typing speed, pauses in between key presses, when each key is pressed and released etc. Because of this, Obscurix uses kloak to anonymize keystrokes by obfuscating the time intervals between key press and release events. To test this, try KeyTrac.

The default locale and keymap is set to "US".

IP leaks are impossible without root privileges or a compromise of Tor, I2P or Freenet. If you want complete IP leak protection that makes it extremely hard for malware to discover your real IP address even with a root exploit then use Whonix.

Tor/Obscurix Usage

Obscurix does not attempt to mask the fact that you are using Obscurix. If an attacker has access to a Obscurix machine, it can determine that it is infact Obscurix. This can be done by looking at the configuration or other details. Tor usage can only be hidden with a bridge, (see Usage).

Browser Fingerprinting

Obscurix comes with the Tor Browser which attempts to make all Tor Browser users look the same. It defeats many browser fingerprinting and tracking attempts. Obscurix does not modify any Tor Browser settings so to a website, you will look the same as any other Tor Browser user.

If you change any settings yourself or add any extensions, you will make yourself stand out from all other Tor Browser users and may be de-anonymized. It is recommended to leave the Tor Browser settings as it is. The only settings that should be changed are the security settings. The "Safest" security level is recommended for high anonymity and security.

Hardware Identifiers

It is not currently possible to hide hardware information from the system unless using a virtual machine which Obscurix is not meant to be used in.