Obscurix is an open source, live operating system based on Arch Linux that is heavily configured for privacy, security and anonymity. It safely forces all traffic through the Tor network, has support for many other networks such as I2P and Freenet and is hardened a lot for security. All data is lost at shutdown as it is run from RAM.

Obscurix is not affiliated with Arch Linux, the Tor Project, I2P, the Freenet Project or anything else. It is produced independently.

Obscurix is not finished yet. It is still in alpha. Do not rely on it for anonymity or stability yet.

The source code can be found here.

You can contact me via email at Obscurix@protonmail.ch or on reddit at /u/madaidan.


Security Overview
Tor Transparent Proxy
Potential Identifiers
Anonymity Networks
Cold Boot Attacks
System Requirements
Downloading and Installing